Think Wildlife Campaign

We are a registered member of the CRRU Think Wildlife campaign which is committed to protecting wildlife and reducing to a minimum harmful effects of irresponsible and unnecessary rodenticide use.  We carry out stringent risk assessments and will only use rodenticides in accordance with the CRRU code of practice for responsible rodenticide use.  We are committed to reducing to a minimum potential harmful effects to wildlife.


Cluster flies & Harlequin ladybirds

Infestation of cluster flies and Harlequin lady birds.  Cluster flies and other overwintering insects such as Harlequin ladybirds can be a real problem in the autumn as they enter buildings looking for a place to overwinter. They often choose roof spaces, window frames and cavity walls and can build up in large numbers.  If you would like a free quotation to deal with these pests please call 07852 485053

Flea treatment Tunbridge Wells

Why suffer with flea bites when you can call in the professionals. We were called out to treat a property in Tunbridge Wells today where the occupants had been suffering considerable discomfort with flea bites for a while.  They had tried to control the fleas themselves which had been unsuccessful.  The fleas had been brought into the house by a friends pet dog and the heatwave had created the ideal breeding conditions for fleas and they had spread throughout the house.

When the technician arrived at the house he encountered fleas jumping onto his overalls as soon as he entered the front door. We carried out a comprehensive insecticidal spray treatment in all rooms of the house and to all floors, carpets, skirting boards. soft furnishings, applying the spray into cracks and crevices where the flea eggs and larvae dwell.  We advised that a customer may need to have a second treatment, the eggs, larvae and pupae stages of a flea remain in the carpets and the flea can remain as a pupae stage for up to 5 months, an adult fleas can survive for up to 3 months.

Please contact  Eco-Trap Services if you require a professional pest control service.

Pest control Tunbridge Wells

A manic week for a Pest Controler

Its been a busy week dealing with record numbers of call-outs for wasps, rats, fleas, and ants.  The heatwave has created the perfect breeding conditions for pests of all shapes and sizes and we have been dealing with record numbers of rats, mice, wasps and fleas.  If you need help dealing with an infestation please contact Eco-Trap Services.


Pest control Tunbridge Wells

Pest control Tunbridge Wells

Wasp Nest Removal in Tonbridge

With the summer weather and BBQ season upon us, we have started to see an increase in the number of wasps and hornets. Wasps can be a serious nuisance in late summer as they turn their attention to sugary foods!

Eco-Trap Services offer full pest control solutions, including fast and effective wasp nest removal, safely carried out by a fully qualified Pest Control technician.

Pest control Tunbridge Wells

Pigeon Netting Tunbridge Wells

Had an interesting few day work fitting pigeon netting and anti-perching spikes at school in Tunbridge Wells who asked us to help them with thier pigeon problem.  A flock of feral pigeons had taken up residence and were roosting on their fire escapes causing a serious health hazard by fouling on the schools fire escapes.  Pigeons can carry a number of diseases including Salmonella, tuberculosis, ornithosis and psittacosis and their droppings can cause respiratory ailments and can damage buidlings and are a serious slip hazard.

We cleaned up the pigeon guano applied a biocide to contaminated surfaces we fitted anti-perching spikes to all potential perching and roosting areas and fitted netting underneath the fire escape to prevent further problems.



Weed Control Service Tonbridge

We carried out a complete weed control service to a customer in Tonbridge giving long lasting control over problem weeds on their paths and diveway.  We offer a free site survey and quotation service offering recommendations and advice.  All our work is carried out in accordance with health & Safety regulations and staff are fully qualified in the use of herbicides with PA1/PA6 qualifications.  Paths, Driveways,

Pest control Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Paddock Wood

Rats Tunbridge Wells

We received a call today from a lady in Tunbridge Wells where rats were being seen in a back garden. The rats had been climbing the bird table and feeding on the bird food.  We recommended putting the bird food in a rat and squirrel proof bird feeder and advised the customer to avoid leaving any food accessible and available for the rats.  The rats were found living under the garden shed and traps were concealed in tamper proof boxes around the shed.  In garden situations to help protect wildlife it is advisable to avoid using rodenticide baits and we used rat traps in tamper resistant boxes to avoid any risk to wildlife.

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Pest control Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Paddock Wood

Rats come in from the cold

We carried out a rat control treatment in Tunbridge Wells today where rats were reported scampering around a school playground.  We found rats burrowing under a fence to reach the waste bins; they were found to be living in an outside gas cupboard. A number of Traps were laid around the School and we will be returning to do follow up visits. The cold weather has caused our furry friends to move indoors.

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Drain Flies Tunbridge Wells 

We received an interesting call today a School in Tunbridge Wells which was suffering with an infestation of small flies.  The flies were identified as Phorid flies (also known as drain flies). These small flies thrive in blocked drains and areas which remain damp for a long period of time where they will breed rapidly causing infestations. The flies will follow air flow and sources of light.  Our technician found a large number of flies in the school plant room around the overflow pipes and drains and from there the flies were turning up in the school offices and library where they were becoming a serious annoyance.  The best way to deal with these flies is by eliminating the breeding sites and a treatment report was completed with recommendations.

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